Would you like to grow healthy plants?

Would you like the fields you’ve seeded or the garden you’ve planted to thrive?

Would you like your flowers, fruits, vegetables or whatever else you’re growing, to be nutrient-rich, naturally disease resistant, require less watering, and need less of your time and effort too?

Would you like to help fight climate change?

It all starts in your soil and you can get started today with our simple and quick Dig-it Yourself Soil Health Test Kit.

How healthy is your soil?

Soil health testing is an innovative way to improve soil quality and grow healthier plants.

It’s not just a soil nutrient test that doesn’t give you all the information you need to make good decisions about your soil.

By testing biological, chemical, and physical properties of your soil samples we achieve an overall understanding of the health of your soil.

Forward-thinking and progressive farmers are adopting soil health tests because science has proven that these approaches work.

And, now you have the opportunity to benefit from the science too – with our simple and quick Dig-it Yourself Soil Health Test Kit.

Whether you’re tending to a farm or a garden, if you’re growing your plants in soil, then you’ll want them growing in healthy soil.   

What can you expect?

We designed our soil sample collection process to be easy for you without the use of chemicals or complicated equipment.

In fact, you only need your Dig-it Yourself Soil Health Test Kit, a clean bucket or pail, and a small shovel or garden trowel.

Why not make it a fun activity for the whole family?

Whether you’re a sprouting new gardener, or a seasoned professional, we can help you dig deeper into the health of your soil.

We provide:

All the necessary shipping supplies

Easy to follow written and video instructions

Results interpretation and supplementary information

Recommendations to enhance soil health based on your unique test results

Photos of living soil microbes found in your own soil sample


So, how healthy is your soil?

Simply scoop & send. It's that easy!

Our Dig-it Yourself Soil Health Test Kit is all you’ll need to find out if you’re gardening with healthy soil, and what you can do to improve its quality.

Dig soil sample

Step 1

Collect your soil samples using our instructions found in the kit

step 2

Step 2

Mail us your samples using the return shipping materials in your kit

step 3

Step 3

Receive and review your unique Soil Health Report

step 4

Step 4

Use data and recommendations from your report to improve your soil health

step 5

Step 5

Grow healthier plants in healthier soil



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