Healthy Plants Grow in Healthy Soil,

this is true regardless of the scale of the growing operation.

Whether you’re managing a small farm-to-table business or a large-scale venture, if you are growing plants using soil, then you’re going to want to ensure you’re growing them in healthy soil.

If you are:

Agricultural Advisor
Agricultural Consultant
Crop Consultant
Garden and Nursery Center Manager
Garden Designer

Landscape Architect
Landscape Planner
Orchard Manager
Organic Gardener
Permaculture Gardener
Permaculture Farmer
Plant Propagator
Regenerative Farmer
Other soil-related business owner Business Solutions can help you with all your soil health testing needs.
Together we can set a soil health baseline and unlock the full potential of your soil health.

Healthy soil can help you with:

Naturally improving crop growth and increasing yield and quality
Naturally retaining sufficient water and draining too much water
Naturally containing and retaining more plant available nutrients
Naturally being more resilient to compaction, disease, and erosion
Naturally fostering symbiosis between living soil organisms and plant roots
Naturally enhancing plant root penetration and biomass
Naturally aiding with mitigating impacts caused by climate change
Naturally supporting richer soil biodiversity above and below surface
Naturally protecting against climate change in our current Anthropocene Era
And there are ‘soil’ many more ways healthy soil helps plants grow!

Why It Matters To You?

We know the pressures you face as a professional are demanding.

You have a lot more invested in your soil than just the seeds you’ve planted.

Your soil is your future and your soil health is vital to your economic success.

What Can We Offer You:

We can introduce your business to soil health testing or we can adapt our methods to align with historical methods you’ve already used for data collection.

By collecting soil health data you’ll be able to track real improvements over time that can be measured and used to show actual improvements and successes. provides competitive discounts for large sample submissions, recurring business contracts, and guarantees test scheduling prioritization.

Invite us to your small, or large patch of earth, and let's start working together to test your soil health.

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