Our mission is to promote a Soil-First approach to growing plants that allows people to grow healthy plants in holistically healthy soil.

Other kids played in the sandbox but John has always preferred digging in soil.

SoilHealth.ca CEO and Founder, John Kenneth Filice, is passionate about the importance of soil.

John believes: soil is one of the Earth’s most important natural resources; soil serves a critical function in protecting environmental health; and that soil health is a key determinant of growing healthier plants.

Our lives are inextricably entangled with soil which provides our food and the fibers we wear, cleanses our air and the water we drink, and so soil is without a doubt one of the major determinants of human health too.

That’s why SoilHealth.ca was founded – to specialize in providing soil health testing services for Canadians.

We use testing methods that adhere with scientific conventions established by the Canadian Society for Soil Science and we ensure that all methodologies used are updated in accordance with advances in soil science to maximize testing specificity and reliability.

We pride ourselves on providing exact, quick, and reliable data.

We use state of the art equipment that is calibrated for traceability and compared to standards to ensure accuracy and precision.

We operate in accordance with Good Laboratory Practices established by the OECD and provide recommendations adherent to current OMAFRA standards.

John has a Master’s degree from the School of Geography and Earth Sciences at McMaster University so it’s no wonder that he would end up returning to his roots and working to help the environment by helping people to improve their soil health.

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